11 Places To Purchase (Natural) Hair Products In Ghana!

Hi my empresses,
For those who've been with me from day one, you'll share in my joy as you read this post since I'm sharing with you 11 places to purchase (natural) hair products.
Back then in 2010,2011, it was hard finding hair products for naturals. That was another factor in my failed first natural hair journey.

  1. Ghanaianemprezz online shop on Facebook (my own shop)

  2. We Naturals on Facebook
    3.Eya Naturals on Facebook
    4.Mejs Naturals on Facebook
    5.Naya Naturals on Facebook
    6.Ghlonghair online shop on Facebook

  3. African Emprezz online beauty shop on Facebook

  4. Urbanmakes.com

  5. SheabutterCottage.com

  6. Avery Naturals on Facebook

  7. Afro Obsession on Facebook


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