Coily Queen Regimen : The Usual Wash Day

I'm just excited to have had some time to give you some updates and also talk about the coily queen regimen and how I incorporated it in my wash day routine.

I should have washed on Friday but I was so dead tired I did it on Saturday. Because I've been moisturizing and sealing in the evenings when I could,  I skipped Prepoo.
1) Shampoo : I, first, washed with  the sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo but my hair still didn't feel quite clean for me. I, then,  realized I'd not also clarified in a while. Therefore, I grabbed a bottle of ORS creamy aloe shampoo and washed again.
2) Deep condition: I used the coil crown deep conditioner (I'll do a review when I get a holiday).
After 30 minutes, I rinsed it out and applied a mixture of leave ins,and followed up with L'Oreal straight cream as I was going to blow dry. I had somewhere going so I blow dried on low heat(which is the only hot button that works now- I don't now why).



For this week, I will have to wash on Wednesday but let's see about that. This is the coily queen regimen week 2 update.
I'll prepare some amla powder down for my next wash. I'm yet to get the kaolin clay but I hear there's a holiday coming up so I'll use that to sort out the clay.
Getting back into the working world  has changed my schedule drastically. Getting  home is always a joy.
I'm sure I'll be settled before the year ends so I can get back to some videos too.
How was your wash Day?


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