One on One With Linda

Linda has  fabulous Ghanaian natural hair and it was a pleasure meeting and chatting with her.image
I got the opportunity of meeting Linda during the Afrotastic event and I really had to get her to share her story.
Kindly tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Linda, a final year student of University of Ghana, living in Tema.
What motivated you to start taking care of your hair?
I've always wondered why people would have long and healthy hair after a few months of going natural and mine wasn't, so I decided to pay extra attention to my hair to find out why.


What was your starting length, where are you currently and what is your ultimate length goal?

My hair was at my neck level when I started taking care and paying attention to it. Currently my hair is a little below my shoulder level, my ultimate length goal is to get to bra strap length by January.


Describe your current regimen-products, washing, styling and daily routine

My current regimen is very simple, I ensure that my hair is moisturized at all times and I always make sure to apply oil to seal the moisture in the hair. I have a spray bottle which I use for that purpose (contents of the bottle are water, olive oil and shea butter). I also wash my hair once every two weeks to get rid of all build ups in the hair. Oh and I drink a lot of water too!!!! It really helps. I'm a styling freak and I always want to try or create something new. I mostly twist my hair before sleeping, or braid it, in order to protect my ends I also make sure I scarf it with a satin scarf before I go to bed.


What techniques will you recommend for natural ladies?

I will entreat all natural hair ladies to try their best to wash their own hair as much possible, they can also visit the salon once every 6 months. Drink a lot of water and do little manipulation to your hair. Do less combing or use a wide tooth comb if the need be.
Do you have challenges you face and how do you combat them?
My greatest challenge is not having enough time to detangle my hair. Sometimes I hardly finish detangling the hair before I wash it. I try to detangle my hair a night before my wash day so as to avoid rushing the process and damaging my hair in the process. I also try not to comb the hair often.


Any advice for ladies on a hair journey?
Ladies take your time and enjoy every bit of your hair journey, don't be too anxious of its growth! It will grow. Love your hair and let it Fro!!!
Thanks Linda, for your tips. Of you'd like to be featured, kindly send your email address to


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