The Best Amla Powder Treatment

I decided to give the amla powder treatment another go and I must say that this has been the best amla powder treatment I've ever read about or done!image



This time round, all was on fleek! I learnt a few things about the previous amla powder application and so, I corrected my errors and made changes were applicable. To start with the amla powder treatment,
1) Boiled water
2) Put the amla powder in a plastic bowl and used a plastic spoon to stir in the boiled water. Immediately, the amla started thickening up. That was an exciting moment since the first treatment yielded no such reaction. So, the key is using very hot water.
As I stirred,  the texture became smooth too!
I allowed the mix to sit for about an hour before application.

I followed up with a cold rinse and Co Washed to ensure all particles are out.


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