The Water Only Wash Regimen

The water only wash Regimen? I know some people may have heard of this from the blogs.
The water only regimen is as simple as its name. Using only water as your main hair product!
There are some differences in how people do this water only method bit the basic principle is to ditch your commercial products and rely more on natural ones.
First, there's the clarifying stage where you give your hair a thorough cleaning to remove traces of products.
There's the scritching ie using your finger pads to lift dirt on the scalp.
Preening is done to spread the sebum through the hair.
You, then, rinse with warm water and go about your business. No added products.
Because I couldn't deep condition twice in the week as required by the coily queen regimen, I still wanted to have some challenge for the rest of the month so I saw this as a good opportunity to do a little experiment with the water only wash.
Over the next couple of days, I'll be sharing a sort of diary or journal entries I kept during the 5 days. At the end, I'll share some lessons I learnt.


  1. calabar gal2:50 am

    Looking forward to reading about ur journey,,,


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