Things I Learnt From Water Only Wash

After experiencing water only wash for these few days,  three are certain lessons I've picked up regarding my hair and regimen.
1) I don't need to shampoo often. Because the natural oils were intact, the deep conditioning treatment I did at the end of the five days was the most effective I've ever done. My hair didn't feel weighed down nor sticky. That means no product in the hair didn't cause any build up. I can go for as long as probably two weeks before shampooing if I'm not heavy handed with products especially creams and oils. Incorporating plain water more often in the sealing process will reduce  the over reliance on creams and oils to moisturize my hair.
2) I learnt to rinse my hair in sections. For washing in sections,  I noticed that despite having already sectioned the hair for a section,  mini sections ensured a better wash. The same applied to the shirt drying in sections. I mean  squeezing the water out section by section aided on faster drying.


3) I have to Spritz some water before applying leave in or cream. Though leave ins and moisturizing lotions are meant to be the liquid, direct water is the best moisturizer. That doesn't mean drenching the hair but just a light spritz will do.
3) Conditioner washing isn't also needed that often even if you aren't using shampoo. Just rinsing with water, if you aren't heavy handed with products, will give you the moisture you want.
Perhaps, other tips will come up with time but for now, these are the lessons I learnt from water only washing.


  1. I also mist my hair with water before I apply any other products! It definitely helps!

    KLP @

  2. calabar gal1:57 am

    Thanks for sharing.......

    Calabar Gal

  3. abena7:12 am

    Yes, I never knew


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