Water Only Wash Day 1

This is the first day of the water only wash. As I said in the previous post, water only wash is essentially using only water to wash or cleanse your hair. The aim is to ensure that the sebum you produce is able to coat your hair thereby reducing the dependency on products. So far, I've seen both natural and relaxed ladies incorporate this method in their regimen.

To start the water only wash, I

  1. Clarified with ORS Aloe shampoo twice though I had done that a few days before.

  2. I applied just a tiny bit of oil to the ends.

  3.  I'm now dealing with multiple textures on my head so I'll see how this routine turns out. I'm hoping for moisturized strands,  less dull looking hair and above all, well moisturized roots.

  4. I'll be trimming again in a few months so I'm more focused on preventing further damage to the already fragile ends.


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