Water Only Wash Day 3

This morning, the hair felt smooth after water only wash again.  When I was combing to style,  I thought I would see broken pieces but that wasn't the case. The hair at the sides also laid flat when I brushed it sans gel - never experienced that. It was very nice seeing laid edges.
So far, I haven't felt any sebum. Perhaps, I need to get back on my vitamins quickly to increase sebum production.




Later on, I realized the roots felt very soft whilst the ends were dry. However, I won't be using any oil on the end, I'm hoping to the green house effect to increase sebum production.
Scritching and preening is a technique that has to be done consistently too so I do it in the evenings.
This evening, I noticed only my ends are dry. The roots feel moisturized.
So far, I've been using warm water to rinse first and end with cold one to close the cuticles.
This evening too, I used the warm water and cold water.


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