Water Only Wash Day 4

Last night after  doing another water only wash, I put the hair into mini puffs. This was to reduce shrinkage and also keep more moisture in the hair.
This morning, my hair was still damp which made is easy to comb and style. I did a thorough combing as I hadn't done proper detangling for a while.

I haven't had breakage like I feared. I'm hoping my edges recover from the damage I've caused it over these past months. I do feel like braiding  but since I can't do that,  I will just keep changing styles to kill the boredom of daily styling.
My ends also feels less dry than the previous day which is a plus.

This evening,  I did scalp massages. It seems it's easier doing scalp massages without any product in my hair. Even if I decide to use products, I think I'd like to continue scalp massages.
What I also noticed that there's a huge difference between the dyed portions and the undyed parts. The coloured portions stand out more now but the natural color especially towards the roots is more softer. The dyed parts are still crunchy like. I can't wait to trim them off in some months time. Lol
I'm going to make a conscious effort to give those parts a thorough wash. After about a week or so, I'll see of there are changes in the intensity of the colour. I hear colour fades more with the use of frequent shampoo washing ; I want to do mine with water though I still love that I experimented with colour. I'll be temporal or semi permanent ones in the future.
Anyway, by the wash time in the evening, my hair felt so soft like cotton. I can't tell whether it's due to having preserved the moisture from the previous wash or the hair was just gradually adjusting to the water only wash. The coming days will prove which one it is.


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