Water Only Wash Day 5

This is day 5 of the water only wash and this morning, my hair felt so soft it was amazing!  I couldn't believe it. I combed through with more ease than 2 days ago. It was easy to style it into the puff.



The ends feel better now too. What I did differently was to take my time in rinsing last night. I sectioned the hair and run my fingers through as I poured the warm water on the scalp whilst massaging.

I began the water only wash to hydrate my hair after regular washing ie using shampoo, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. I'm only using this technique as a supplementary routine in order to enhance moisture retention.

After 5 days of this routine, you've seen the results for yourself. It may not work for everyone so don't be disappointed if it doesn't. The key thing is to do what's best for your hair. Some textures love water such as miine whilst others easily become limp and overly moisturized so look out for any signs of moisture overload when using the water only wash method. You can probably make it a seasonal routine for your hair especially in dry weather.

If you have a tight work schedule, you may want to find a time that's conducive for you. Nightly washing for me helps because by morning, my hair is usually about 80% dry making styling very easy. If you wish to water wash in the morning, please be sure you don't have anywhere going because the last thing you need is having to blow dry the hair after not using any product in it. This can cause dryness especially if you've not achieved full sebum coverage as I deduced from the several posts on the water only wash website.

I like to style the hair in the morning when it's a bit dry to prevent breakage from wet styling. I usually comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb to prevent tangles and knots too.

How's your water only wash going?


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