Water Only Wash Day 6

The water only wash is such an interesting adventure.

For day 5, I noticed that my hair was extra soft and fluffy. However, I realized my flu was becoming persistent which may not be as a result of sleeping with damp hair. I'm therefore pausing it so I can recover. Talking with blocked nose and a hoarse voice isn't fun in the classroom Lol.
Due to that, I decided to deep condition to provide the hair with the nutrients it will need till the next wash. I used the coily Crown deep conditioner which I've come to love so much. With the exception of the long deep conditioning time it requires, I can see myself raving about it all the time. I'll just grab a jar of the dark and lovely amla legend masque for days I can't afford to DC for 30 minutes.
Anyway, I also realized that by doing the water only wash, the coloured parts looked faded which is OK. That's one thing I'll miss about the daily rinsing- it helped reduce the colour intensity.

However,  I want to start using castor oil on my edges so I do have to pause the water only wash.


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