6 Weeks Later...

I'm dealing with 3 different textures; heat damaged nape, texturized hair and natural hair including new growth. The natural hair is two because the texturizer didn't touch some points Lol.
After blow drying and straightening,  the nape got super straight,  I was tired of breakage (I still have short hair at the crown) and most of all,  I was wasting time!
I don't know where the hair will be in a few months time but I did texturize to even out the  whole head and since I didn't want straight hair, I choose to texturize /texlax leaving about 80-90% texture.
It's been interesting handling this puzzling journey but I'm on  it for life so don't worry.  The Taurus in me is definitely being revealed in the hair journey. I accept my indecisive nature and live with it always. If I wake up one day and choose to dye the hair green,  I won't mind because I've accepted who I am. Now, I want to nurse the crown area to restore the hair as well as keep treating the nape area. As for the rest,  only time will tell but do forgive me for throwing you off the course again.



  1. calabar gal11:14 pm

    I really shouldn't but could not help giggling at your first sentence. Sorry oh!! May this cup 'phase' pass over you......

    Calabar Gal

  2. abena7:02 am

    Hahaha. It shall pass


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