Avoid Salon Shampoo

I've decided to avoid Salon Shampoos and here's why.
After my last wash at the salon,  my hair hasn't been itself. It's been dry and crunchy, something my hair hasn't experienced in months. The only different thing I did this past wash day was not to take my own shampoo along. Prior to this salon visit,  I'd taken my own products from A to Z. Even for Co Wash at the salon,  I use my own conditioner. S
That being said,  I could immediately tell it's the salon shampoo that has caused the dryness. To correct this,  I Co washed with herbal essences hello hydration conditioner to restore the moisture. Secondly,  the shampoo had stripped all the sebum I had so even the roots weren't as moisturized how much more the ends. Afterwards, I applied kinky Curly Knot today leave in and sealed with Grape seed oil. I'm virtually back to stage one with keeping the hair hydrated but I'll be very diligent in getting it back again.


For this reason,  I'll avoid Salon Shampoos with the exception of Auntie Emelia's because she uses high quality products like mizani. I can't wait to get a car so I can easily go to her for some hair care.
I'm currently air drying.


  1. calabar gal1:12 am

    Pele!! I deep conditioned over the weekend (honey, banana, egg, olive oil, avocado, overnight - the full works) but my hair felt so dry n crunchy today (really exasperating) so I understand how u feel.

    Calabar Gal

  2. abena7:01 am

    I think the crunchy feeling might be the egg


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