Flexi Rod Set on Damp Hair

I'm sure by now you aren't surprised that I tried a flexi rod set on damp hair because you know flexi rods are the only sets I can do on my own.


This Flexi rod set on damp hair also went very well.
First though, here's what happened.
I've finally stocked up on some deep conditioners and other products which I'll be sharing in due time. Among the products are renpure cleansing conditioner and ORS hairepair nourishing conditioner. I used the renpure to clean the hair and deep conditioned with the ors hairepair nourishing conditioner for about an hour.
Verdict? I'm already in love with the ors hairepair nourishing conditioner! My hair felt very soft and smelled good too.
I air dried for some time, applied kinky Curly Knot today leave in conditioner and sealed with some Sheabutter from mejs naturals. My hair smelled so sweet Lol.
I put in the Flexi rod and went to bed with it without covering with a scarf. That was what caused some of rods to come off Lol. I like that my hair is stretched with this technique.
This deep conditioning section was much needed and will have to be repeated about twice before I can reach a well hydrated and moisturized hair.
My textures are really acting up so I need to maintain moisture to prevent setbacks. The good thing is that I haven't experienced any setback this year!
I'll surely make the Flexi rod set a regular affair till my hair is longer for wet buns.
How's your hair doing?


  1. My hair is alright. I'm planning to wash it soon so I will have a better idea of how it is.

  2. calabar gal9:58 pm

    Air drying does not work for me. I had to get a soft hooded dryer and my hair dried after 4 hours. I've got medium length hair - not even extra long hair. I marvel when you guys say you air dryed your hair

    Calabar Gal


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