Flexi Rod Set Short Hair

I managed to  Flexi rod Short hair this weekend. The flexi rod is probably the most easiest set on earth Lol because I find it so easy to do compared to roller sets and perm rod sets.



I haven't  successfully done these in more than a  year!
To start off,
1. Prepooed with mejs neem oil [check out my give away for mejs naturals products on my Facebook page
2. Shampooed once with sheamoisture yucca and baobab [review on www.youtube.com/EmprezzAbena]
3. Applied queen Helene face mask for clay treatment. This has bentonite and kaolin clay as first five ingredients and I've seen some bloggers and YouTube ladies use these face mask.  I did get a clean hair as well as almost emptying the tube before it expires Lol.
4. Deep conditioned with coily crown miracle detangle for 30 minutes and air dried.
I put it the Flexi rods and left them overnight. I used them on dry hair.
I got some pretty decent curls; unfortunately, I couldn't take shots of it.
I sweated everything out at the he gym but I'll do more of these and even a tutorial as requested.
How's your hair doing?
PS: Shout out to all readers from Saudi Arabia!!!!!


  1. I haven't gotten the hang of flexi rods. What tips do you have for a nice set?

  2. abena7:11 pm

    I did this on dry hair and it turned out better so I guess damp hair will be best. I'll try them and share the results.

  3. calabar gal12:12 am

    I have not yet tried flexi rods curls but I have attempted perm rod curls 3 times so far and each time, they did not turn out as desired. Will keep on trying though. I just have to muster enough courage to sit under my hooded dryer for 3 hours to enable my hair dry.

    I really admire u ladies who air dry your hair. Air drying does not seem to work for me as I end up with limp curls. *sigh* LOL!!

    Calabar Gal

  4. abena6:03 am

    I agree with you on the air drying. I'm holding off doing that till further notice Lol.


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