Hair Update, Water Only Wash, Honey Challenge

All there's to know about what's going with this gorgeous hair of mine, how the water only wash helped and also how the honey challenge is going.

I started the water only wash a couple of weeks ago and have since made it a part of my regimen. I've really enjoyed having water only scalp frequently which has also given me hydrated strands. The water only wash method is a technique developed for the purpose of reducing the products used on the hair in order to encourage the production of natural sebum. The sebum is meant to act as the moisturizer and main product in the regimen.

For my hair, I've decided to make some changes to the hair since I've been losing as a result of trying to keep it stretched, keep tangling to a minimum and also maintaining it during the week. I share all these details in the video so be sure to watch it and give your suggests, comments, views and to also subscribe to support.



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