How To Spend Less on Hair Products

If you think being on a relaxed or natural hair journey is expensive,then, you need to think twice about the hair products you have neglected and find out how to spend less on hair products.

Why? Your journey is all about how you manage your finances in accordance with your hair needs and products.
For me, my decision to overlook certain types of hair products is influenced by my desire to achieve health and length simultaneously. I don't want to end up spending so much on products that are costly when I can equally find inexpensive yet very effective ones on our markets.
I plan to do another whipped sheabutter, use African black soap as my shampoo and focus on rather stocking up on deep conditioners and moisturizers.

Furthermore, in a year's time, my length will require more products so I'm not misusing what I have now. I do saturate my hair with products but not too often.

Also, you don't need curl creams and souffl├ęs that cost an arm and leg. Our local businesses have made these available at lesser costs so why not give it a try? If they don't work for you, you lose nothing.

So the next time you have a list exceeding 100gh for just 2 products, don't say being on a healthy hair journey is expensive; you have made it so.
What's your favorite local product?


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