Length Check

I did a blow dry at the salon and took the opportunity to do a length check. I was extremely anxious because it seemed my hair isn't growing like it was doing last year. I guess I wasn't right because I'm almost full neck length!
That's about 6 inches retained despite all the  trims and breakage. I'm still taking vitaverz vitamins and will continue it till end of November to do a review.

I'll be doing another length check for the front again as a yard stick to judge the vitamins. Somehow, I think it's working well because I don't have breakage and shedding. The whole of this year,  shedding has been my main concern due to the postpartum issues. I'm glad the postpartum shedding is over!
I have stocked up on some castor oil for my edges too. I've been diligent with the mixed one so using the undiluted version isn't a problem. I want to end the year well so I'll be deep conditioning more often- especially twice a week until I'm satisfied with moisture content and level in the hair.

I've also set my eyes on a moisturizer at last. The ors intense moisture cream again. The last time I bought it,  I didn't enjoy it so much due to the smell (pregnancy hormones at play). This is the time to revisit it and get the benefits.


As for oils,  I have about 6 different types so I'm OK. For deep conditioners,  I have 3 now and want to add 2 protein based ones-the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and Vitale hair mayonnaise. That should be enough for the coming year.
For leave ins,  I have two and will be getting some two local ones.
I have renpure cleansing conditioner and the sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo plus ors Aloe shampoo so I may just add one more of the  Aloe shampoo plus a local one for the coming year.
I guess that's it for now.


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