One on One With Dzifa

Dzifa is one of the most supportive ladies on my Facebook page and I just couldn't believe how much her hair has grown. Here's her story about her Ghanaian natural hair Lol.

1.  Kindly tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Dzifa.A nurse.Been natural for 2 years.
Had my BC on 18/4/13.
2. What motivated you to start taking care of  your hair?

Well, there are quite a number of reasons but most importantly my relaxed hair was weightless and scanty and wouldn't grow (of cause I wasn't so obsessed with my hair)so thought to my self why don't I try something different(natural hair) and here I am .
3. What was your starting length, where are you currently and what is your ultimate length goal?

My hair length after BC was just at my eye brow level.
Current hair length is at my ultimate hair length goal is:waist length here I come:):)
4. Describe your current regimen-products, washing, styling and daily routine.

I PS(protective style) every month so I prepoo ,shampoo and cowash monthly.Deep condition monthly with my DIY home made avocado mix.when I'm not protective styling I do the above go PS is two strand twist .im kinda a product junkie but I'm changing now LOL.😋😋😋
I use ORS replenishing conditioner,Tresemme naturals silicon free conditioner,Alata samina ,Shea moisture coconut&hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie,Mejs naturals coconut oil,Borges EVOO,Castor oil,One step corrective Nourishing leave in conditioner.
For my daily routine I spritz my hair and scalp with my mixture of oil+water+leave in.


5.  What techniques will you recommend for  natural ladies?

braiding your hair in chunky twist before washing your hair helps reduce breakage and less knots.
Tea rinsing is the ishh 👌👌.you've got to try it cos I love the outcome anytime
It's true you've got to enjoy your hair (is it food?hehehehe😋😋😋😋) but I think protective styling helps with less manipulation and you are rewarded with length.we all want healthy hair but don't tell me you don't want length too sure don't want to remain at the TWA stage.LOL

  1. Do you have challenges you face and how do you combat them?
    #CryingMoodActivated😭😭😋.my biggest challenge is styling .watched thousands of YouTube videos but I always boomb😂😂😂.well I have decided to be creative.Do my own styles and copy some from fellow naturalistas.

  2. Any advice for  ladies on a hair journey?
    Advice.lets say you you need 2000mg of PATIENCE tablet daily for the rest of your journey 👍🏾👍🏾😜
    And also stay committed to what works for You.
    Never compare your hair to another's person hair.
    After all is just hair so don't stress too much
    Keep is simple and love your kinks!

I definitely learnt a few tips and I hope you did too.


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