One Place To Get Affordable Hair Products

The mantra is always less is more when it comes to hair journey and there is one place to get affordable hair products which we seem not to have noticed . Some few things I'm noticing about being a blogger is the opportunity to discover products as a result of window shopping


Drug Stores/Pharmacy
Most often, we tend to overlook this place when shopping for products. I, first, discovered the awesomeness of drug stores when I went to get regular castor oil. As I was waiting to make payment, I saw bottles of VO5 products among others. When I compared the prices of the hair products there to market prices, I made the decision to check out products in drug stores or pharmacies whenever I could. Till date, I still practice that habit and it has led me to find affordable yet effective products. Also, some of the items aren't easily obtainable elsewhere so it saves me a lot of searching.
My recent discovery includes Tresemme products, and more. Do stay tuned to my facebook page for these prompts when I get them.


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