The 2 Inches of Hair To Be Cut

Well,  it's not fun to have 2 inches to be cut yet that's what I'll need to do to get rid of the coloured sections in order to have even texture. 2 Inches may seem small but that's about 4 months of growth! I want to maintain my length too thus the first aim is to trim of the 1 inch or so of the coloured hair which is definitely booked for this week. That will be in preparation for either a weave or braid or vixen crotchet this week too. I'm not afraid of the 1-2 inches I'm going to cut, possibly today,  Wednesday. I'll wash and let my stylist blow dry and trim all the brown tincture lol. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I don't want to sound weirded but I look forward to this trim.


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