The Oil Mixture Challenge

The oil mixture challenge is organised by Yemi lets grow our hair and she's basically going to use oils in her stash to increase moisture and growth.

For me,  I have three bottles of oils I want to use up in the coming months and the challenge actually ends in December . I've already began using the jbco mix daily thus that batch should be done by December.

The  second oil is the grape seed oil which I learnt can go rancid if kept for long.

The last oil is actually a butter mix consisting of Sheabutter and other natural oils I made last year. You are allowed to laugh at my hoarding nature. Truth be told,  because the hair has been  in a short state for 2 years, I haven't been able to use up products much faster like back in 2012 and 2013.


Here's one the of oils I used back in 2012 thereabouts.
I know that's going to change by mid 2016 so I want to clear this batch before I suffer terrible side effects from using  such oils.

As for the Sheabutter mix, I apply it on my skin more often to prevent dryness this Harmattan.
What oils would you love to use from now to December?


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