Vitaverz Hair skin and nails vitamins

The funny story behind the vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins is that I went to the pharmacy to get perfectil. However, being a blogger, I looked hard at what else was one display and saw this vitaverz. I took both and compared the ingredients which were actually very similar.

The only visible difference was in price. The vitaverz cost 20gh whilst perfectil was 50gh. The vitaverz is 30 capsules, once a day whereas perfectil is 60 caps, twice a day.
I don't like the smell but all vitamins smell funny lol.
Here are the starting pictures. I'll give you an update soon.



  1. calabar gal11:48 pm

    Good luck..... Looking forward to updates....

    Calabar Gal

  2. I'm taking biotin only. I cannot wait to see how this helps!!

  3. abena9:08 am

    I get good results with biotin too


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