Vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins week 2

This vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins seems to be winning my heart.  Though I'm in a crotchet braid, my nails to serve as a yard stick to measure the effectiveness or otherwise of the vitamins.

My nails are growing a tad bit faster than normal. I won't jump to conclusions but I'm getting more convinced about  the potency of the  vitaverz vitamins.

For my hair,  I'm OK with what I was seeing which was thickness. It's too early to claim the thickness but when this style comes off, that will be the first thing I will check.

I'm half way through the pack and will continue taking it in November. I won't take a break so I'll get the second pack down asap. After the vitaverz,  I'm hoping I'll have the good n natural vitamins for two months,  perfectil for two months and hope that grogranics will be in.


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