Wash Day: Honey Challenge #1

Hi ladies,
This is the first week of the honey challenge. That is using honey in our hair regimen.
I Prepooed overnight with coconut oil.
Next morning, I wet the hair under shower, mixed honey with and herbal essences hello Hydration conditioner.
After rinsing out the mix, I applied the herb essences again.
I allowed the hair to air dry after t shirt drying for some minutes.

I followed up with Africa's best hot six oil and African Pride Sheabutter leave in conditioner.


  1. How does your hair feel after you use honey? I used to use honey in my conditioners often but my hair felt sticky. I think I was using too much.

  2. My hair feels very soft. I use just about a teaspoon.

  3. abena7:22 am

    Honey leaves my hair very soft.


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