Wash Day Onion Garlic Prepoo

This wash day, I did garlic onion Prepoo treatment first.
During the week, I put some chopped onions and garlic in coconut oil,  and topped up with black tea which I knew wasn't going to dissolve. However,  at least,  some of the caffeine did get into the garlic Onion Prepoo mix. The next one I will use is coffee which can dissolve in oil.


I went over to the salon to finish the wash day. The stylist gave me a good scrub during the shampoo) I really loved how she used her finger pads and not the nails).
She applied coily crown detangle deep conditioner and sat me under the hooded dryer for some minutes. I really don't remember the last time I did a DC under a hooded dryer.
I don't know when I'll go to the salon again for a wash though I'll be going there for a weave or something similar for some weddings this month.


  1. calabar gal1:17 am

    I am tempted to turn my nose and say 'ewwwww' at your onion and garlic prepoo but my motto these days is 'never say never'. I turned my nose at avocado, banana dc but look at me now!! A huge advocate of the avocado banana dc movement. How soon I will join this garlic-onion remains to be seen..... LOL!

    Calabar Gal

  2. abena7:01 am



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