Water Only Wash #2

On Monday, I decided to do water only wash again. I rinsed with only water without any pre treatment with coconut oil.

2) T shirt dried to reduce water content in the hair.

3) Applied kinky Curly Knot today leave in and sealed with Grape seed oil.  My hair felt amazingly soft and so hydrated.
Next morning, the hair was still soft since I made sure to  cover with a satin cap before bed.
I applied the KCKT again in the morning and sealed with Africa's best hot six oil. My hair was still soft at the end of the day.
I'm ditching all other leave in now because this is the only combination that leaves my hair moisturized for long periods. I can't pinpoint the exact reason why the other leave ins don't work like that. May be the absence of silicones in the kinky Curly Knot today leave in and the thickness of it are the reasons. Well,  whatever the reason, I'm settling  on this for now. I'll test this '' theory" with another thick silicone free leave in. Do you know of any?


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