Water Only Wash #3

It felt so good having water on my scalp and I think my hair had become accustomed to the water only wash method.
Because of that, I'm just going to keep doing it. After the salon shampoo, my hair and scalp has lost all the sebum so it's back to the beginning.
I'll be spritzing this time more than total immersion in water so as to avoid sleeping with damp hair which causes colds and flu. On weekends, I'll deep condition.
Today's Wash
I sectioned the hair to make scritching and preening easier. I covered each part with jbco mix whilst preening to remove the excess oil that have settled at the root.
PS: if your hair keeps getting dry after moisturizing and sealing, try preening the oil from the root to the tip. It works wonders. I can't explain the science behind it but it has worked magic on my ends several times.
After covering with two shower caps, I took to writing this post.


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