Water Only Wash and Faster Hair Growth

The short trial I had with the water only wash seems to have increased my growth and I'm inclined to believe that there's a relationship between water only wash and faster hair growth.
Now,  for the whole of September, I didn't take any hair vitamins nor any vitamins for that matter. The only thing I did which is what I think is the key has to do with the scalp massages.
One thing that water only wash advocates is daily scalp massages to increase sebum production as well as hair growth. I was extremely diligent with the daily scalp massages and even after the experiment.
Over the past few days,  I've noticed a lot of growth which is very soft and moisturized too.

Prior to washing, I spend a few minutes massaging the scalp to lift the dirt. That also helps to relax my mind Lol.

Whenever I wet the hair,  I massage the scalp to allow the water touch the scalp properly  since I don't wash in sections.
This influenced the decision to make scalp massages part of the challenges for the coming year.
Have you tried scalp massages?


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