Deep condition with Eco Lesterol

The eco lesterol is a type of cholesterol treatment made by the Eco brand (manufacturers of eco styler gel).  This is the first deep conditioning of the month and I did it with Eco Lesterol.

I was just excited to deep condition but you can't cut corners.
**Prepoo: I layered different oils starting with mejs naturals neem oil, then, grapeseed oil, and Sheabutter from mejs naturals.
This layering was to prevent dryness from the clarifying shampoo since the aim is to retain moisture throughout the wash process. All that was needed was for the shampoo to remove dirt.
I washed first with ORS Aloe shampoo once and my hair felt clean but not stripped due to the Prepoo.

My hair was very soft and moisturized even after the shampoo.
I applied the Eco Lesterol and left it for about 5 minutes.
I remover the excess water and covered with a satin cap to call it a night.
Next morning, I spritz water on the hair which was actually still damp and soft from having covered it. I added kinky curly Knot today leave in conditioner and sealed with Sheabutter.
This wash day was an unusual one for me as I haven't done such oil layering before but I love the results.
How's your wash day?


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