Deep Conditioning Dry Hair

It's week two of the deep conditioning challenge and this time, I chose to do the deep conditioning dry hair technique that I've seen  some hair bloggers do. I did this technique for the fact that I made some discoveries about my hair.

Normally, I'll Co Wash and call it a night. However, after careful observations,  I've come to the conclusion that Co washing alone doesn't just cut it for me. It doesn't give me the maximum moisture the hair needs. Since I began the twice a week deep conditioning, my hair has remained extremely moisturized and I don't have to do extra moisturizing and sealing till the  next wash. However,  yesterday, I chose to co wash to remove excess sweat from the hair. By the next morning,  the hair felt dry despite the leave in and butters I'd used. This isn't the first time I've had that. May be because I've seen the potential my hair has, co washing doesn't seem to appeal to the hair anymore.

Foe this week,  I chose to do a honey Deep conditioning treatment on dry hair. I rinsed out the DC after with tresemme naturals conditioner. I used the coily Crown detangle on dry hair and rinsed it off after 30 minutes with the conditioner.

I'm keeping  an eye on air drying and hooded dryer results to see what my hair prefers.
I see my edges look fuller. What do you think?


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