Grow Your Edges With Jbco












I've been reading about how to grow your edges with jbco so I thought, why not try it? I bought a bottle of Jamaican mango and lime jamaican black castor oil from mejs naturals for 45gh , I think. I've written a lot about Jbco and its benefits thus I wasn't in doubt that it was going to help grow the edges I've lost. The beautiful part of the story is that I can use it also on the whole head to increase hair growth. However, since the goal is to regrow the damaged edges, I just kept my focus on those parts.image

I've been using jbco for close to 3 weeks CONSISTENLY on the edges every morning and sometimes, evenings too. What I do is each morning after styling the hair, I dip a finger into the bottle and apply the oil to the edges whilst looking into a mirror as a guide. By doing that, I remain consistent. Even if I don't style my hair, I've placed the bottle close to my skin lotion which serves as a reminder each time. In the evenings, I mostly remember to use it when I am about to wear the satin cap for bed. These simple techniques have yielded great results.




I use the Jamaican Mango and lime black castor oil and I must say I'm impressed with this improvement. I'll keep being diligent to see full restoration.


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