Hair Products Haul

Here's the hair products haul I've been raving about.
Get details about all the what I bought and how I want  to use them or have been using them Lol.
So, I purchased the following :
** Mango and Lime Jamaican black castor oil. I've been extremely diligent with this jbco on my edges and I'm reaping the results. My edged look better than last month. I'll keep using it till it recovers fully. To ensure that my edges stay intact, I had them left out during the weave install.
**Eco Lesterol from the ecoco brand. Most people are aware of Eco styler gel. Well, the same company makes the cholesterol treatment Eco Lesterol and I must say that I'm in love with this choice. My hair loves it so much so it's a keeper. I'll be doing a full review during the month so be sure to be subscribed to my youtube channel.

**Cantu Sheabutter deep treatment masque. What else can I say? It's an amazing product and I'll share more details when I review it. I really like the cantu sheabutter line and I wasn't disappointed at all with the masque.
**Crazy sexy cool is a deep conditioner which I'm yet to use. Honestly speaking, the bottle is just too small for constant use but I just wanted to give it a try. I realize it's very slippery on the fingers so I'm hoping to get the same on the hair.
That 's just about it. I have 4 hair products I want which are the Vitale hair mayonnaise (a light protein treatment), aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor(light protein treatment), and some products from Eya naturals and the We naturals hot oil treatment. I've got about 90% moisture products so I need a few light protein based hair products to prevent moisture overload.
Have you done some restocking?


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