Hot Oil And Prepoo Treatment Challenge

This is the last month of the year so we want to finish with a bang by using the hot oil and Prepoo treatment challenge.

See the post on the benefits of hot oil and Prepoo treatment when you need to replenish and retain moisture. If you want to know which oils you can use for the treatments, check here. You can even use cooking oil. For the next 31 days,  we are not only going to give the hair these treatments, we are also preparing for the 12 months of challenges in 2016.

The benefit of the hot oil and prepoo treatment during this  harmattan is immense. During this season, the dry winds can cause loss of moisture in your hair. Even if you've braided the hair or are in sew-in, you have to prevent moisture loss else you'll experience severe breakage. I don't like to wear weaves or braids during harmattan but for this year, my hair is too short to wear out so I'm using a short wig to protect the hair. In this case, I can remove the wig, apply some oil on the scalp and cover with a shower cap for some time. After that, I can choose to either wash with a shampoo or conditioner or also deep condition the cornrows.

Don't also forget that the harmattan brings with it a lot of dust which can settle on the scalp, especially, if you work in a dusty area like I used to. By providing the hair the protection from the winds, you've protected the strands but the scalp can equally get build up from the dust. Using the oil on the scalp will also help lift the dirt when you are washing.

Be sure to use light oils like the wenaturals hemp hot oil treatment to enjoy the maximum benefits of the prepoo or hot oil treatment.
So,  get on board and be sure to share your experience with us.


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