One Inch Hair Growth Challenge

This  one inch hair growth challenge for December (1-30) is hosted by Joei of longnugerianhair and I want to partake in it. Check it out Here.

Througout the year, my focus has been on growing out this short hair. As the year comes to an end, I have to maximize every single opportunity to ensure that I achieve this target. Although some will say it's too late to get the one inch, I have personally witnessed ladies gaining up to 2 inches in a month! Some have also had increase in thickness within a period of one month. I won't rule out any chance to end the year with one inch hair growth so I'm going to participate in the challenge with all seriousness.

The first thing is to get a growth aid. I've been hovering around getting the nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins but unfortunately, by the time I was ready to purchase, it wasn't in stock again. The other option was to get the groganics hair vitamins but it seems that won't also arrive on time for the challenge. Therefore, I plan on taking perfectil vitamins throughout the month and  also use the jbco on the scalp daily.


I really love this one inch hair growth challenge since it is going to keep me motivated to get the 1-2 inches I want to end the year with. Even if I don't get one inch hair growth, I won't be disappointed knowing that I did my part. If I do get the one inch hair growth, that will push me to go harder in the 2016 hair challenges. I'm hopeful that I'll be rewarded with at least one inch of hair growth so I can have more growth during the touch up at the end of December when I'm about 4 to  6 weeks post relaxer.

Will you be participating in the one inch growth  challenge? What will you be doing to increase the growth?t


  1. Thanks a lot for mentioning this challenge on your blog! That's amazing.

  2. Good Luck in the contest. I love the short look on you too... You are rocking it. #iamnoirtv


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