The Water Roller Set

Hi ladies,  it's time to share something I've been doing when getting a roller set and I call it the water roller set.
For wash day,  I clarified/chelated with ORS Aloe shampoo. The Ors aloe shampoo removed all the product build up from the moisturizing and sealing I've been doing during the week.

Next, I followed up with honey mixed with tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner. The honey was to provide extra moisture since the harmattan is getting severe. The last thing I need is this short hair suffering a setback or from breakage.
The next day,  I went to the salon and simply used a conditioner to wash. Because I'd use the ors aloe shampoo the previous day, I didn't want to use another shampoo else it would deplete the moisture in the hair.
After that,  she applied leave in conditioner (she used dark and lovely leave in conditioner which I've really come to like for its texture) and that's where she used the water to roller set which gives the technique the name-water roller set. This is a technique a lot of bloggers and ladies on the healthy hair journey do and I've also been using it for ages now. However, I had slipped back to using  setting Lotion but I still got  the sticky feeling I disliked. Thus,  it was back to wager roller set.
How did it turn out? Smooth and nice. I'll be getting a mousse or foam wrap for the sets soon. I tried using a foam wrap once but it left my hair stiff and dry so I backed out of that too. However, I investigated this problem and realized that the foam wrap had protein in it and because at that time I was suffering from protein overload, the foam wrap added to the problem as a result of the wheat protein in it.


  1. I usually just use water to roller set my hair because I don't intend to keep the curls. Roller sets really help me stretch my hair.

  2. Yes, roller sets are good when you have a lot of growth. Somehow, the setting Lotion just doesn't like me Lol.

  3. calabar gal12:35 am

    I used mousse that that time i did perm rod curls and I had so much frizz! To add insult to the injury, my curls did not last 2days! They were ok on Sunday which was the first day and barely manageable on Monday which was the second day.

    I gave up on Tuesday morning and used a hair extension cos the hair was appalling!! 3 hours spent rolling my hair gone down the drain. Will I try it again? Oh yes! I'm stubborn like that! I need to get the kind of curl definition I see in all your pictures. :)

    Calabar Gal

  4. abena6:09 am

    Hahaha haha. How about using a foam wrap? I'm looking at that option too


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