What Products Do You Want To Use Up?

For the month of November, I'll like to  know what products you want to use up.
I'm in the oil challenge so I do use oils for Prepoo when I can. I also do oil rinsing so I can not just use up the oil but also get maximum benefit from it.


As the year draws to a close,  I know we have some old stuff that need to be cleared. Keeping a product for a year isn't a good practice so let's make the effort to prevent harmful effects of expired products.
I'm almost out of the tresemme Naturals moisturizing Conditioner but I won't  restock  till I'm through with renpure. I also want to use up the grape seed oil as I mentioned in the  oil challenge post. I'll keep you updated on what I use up this November.


  1. I need to finish a bottle of regular castor oil. i think I have 2 more uses left in it.

  2. abena7:23 am

    Did it work for you?

  3. I have some Shea Moisture Transitioning milk that I really need to finish. My new growth likes it but my relaxed hair does not.

  4. calabar gal4:22 pm

    I embarked on this project earlier on this year - to use up all the products I had from when I still had permed hair. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the mousse I used for my permed hair still worked on natural hair. Used it all up. Yep!! Same goes for conditioners, shampoos, hair polishers, spritz et al. 2016 will see me getting (and trying) brand new products.....

    Calabar Gal

  5. abena4:29 pm

    Our hair has a mind on of its own


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