2015 Hair Goals Review

It's that time again when I'm wondering if I did well or failed.
First,  I failed in keeping the length. After this big chop,  I'm certainly in a bad state of mine regarding length. I'm pushing for shoulder length by June 2016 since I failed to  achieve that this year.

Aside this huge misfortune or mistake, I applaud myself for preventing any setback. Even my troubled edges have grown back. Therefore,  I won't be changing anything in the regimen. I'll continue  to go with the 80% moisture products and 20% protein.
Thirdly,  I got to try Mane Choice Manetabolism healthy hair vitamins and nature's bounty vitamins and I must say that both are worth having. However,  nature's bounty is less expensive so I'm sticking to  that. It's unfortunate that it's out of stock for now.
Lastly,  I managed to keep my product junkie tendencies in check. It's hard, people! It's so hard avoiding new products. When I get an income from this blog,  I might feed this junkie stuff but for now,  I'm still going to do my best to restrain myself.
That's it for the year 2015.


  1. Yay for curbing your project junkie tendencies:)
    I like the new site layout, it makes it easier to navigate.

  2. abena7:42 am

    Glad you like the new layout. As for the PJ, it's hard not giving in to temptations.


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