Beauty Products Haul

I had to revamp my skin care routine and one of the things I lacked was body lotion so I did a small beauty product haul.  I have also been using a great homemade body wash so I'm hoping for  an awesome skin. The last thing you need this harmattan is a chapped skin and after working so hard on keeping the skin moisturized with my homemade body wash, I have to double up the protection with a good body lotion.


Where I did the beauty products shopping

Fortunately for me, there's a beauty shop close to my work place so I went in there to see what they have. I really liked the products but I changed my mind about what I wanted to buy when I saw some past favourites of mine. What I'd wanted to buy was Fair and White; a body lotion recommended to me. I haven't used it before but there were about 4 different varieties and I didn't know which one to select. There was a clarifying body milk which sounds like a toning beauty product. I'd wanted to pick that up due to the recent issue with the sun burnt skin. The truth is that this body wash keeps my skin moisturized so if this beauty products I bought don't live up to standard,  it will be very annoying to have wasted a full month Lol.  Also,  this harmattan is getting severe yet my skin is well moisturized which means any addition has to keep it that way.

I'd wanted to go through more of the beauty products in the shop but the madam looked so unfriendly; I think that also explains why the sales girls were so stiff in the shop. I've actually gone there once to find out the price of sleek make up as well as black secret make up; the girls were so relaxed and that's what made me enter there the second time.
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