Glycerine Dandruff Treatment

I haven't suffered from dandruff ever since I started this hair journey but I know some readers have been suffering from this scalp problem even with good healthy hair practices so JC of naturalhavenbloom shows how to use glycerine for dandruff treatment- a simple recipe that can help treat dandruff. Basically,  dry scalp needs moisture and glycerine draws in moisture from the air. Since this application is on the scalp,  you'll need just a small amount of glycerine. Source: Naturalhavenbloom

This glycerine dandruff treatment is easy to prepare at home even during your wash routine. Here's the recipe.

The Recipe

DIY 10% Glycerin  Scalp Leave On Lotion

10 ml Glycerin/Glycerine
90 ml base* of your choice

*Base can be water or a leave in conditioner of your choice. For a water base add 1 drop of sunflower oil to the final mix. For a leave in conditoner base, avoid high oil containing leave ins especially if it is a natural oil.

1. Shampoo your hair and condition it as you would normally.
2. Apply the DIY 10% Glycerin Scalp Leave On Lotion to the scalp, ensuring that you shake the bottle with your lotion to mix the base and glycerin well.
3. For best results, carefully part hair and focus the application directly on the scalp and not the hair.
4. Reapply the lotion to the scalp daily or at least 3 times a week

Expected Results

You should see an improvement in scaling (dry skin) on the scalp any time from the first use to within 2 weeks of lying at least 3 times per week.

If you are wondering where to get the glycerine, simply walk into any pharmacy or cosmetic shop! It sells for around 3gh for the small size. You can also check the online shops for the big size.One of the shops carry the vegetable glycerine too. If you still can't find glycerine, send me a mail When you use the glycerine dandruff treatment, do share your results with me or tag me on instagram @emprezzabena or
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