Wash Day After Relaxer

Usually, the wash day after relaxer is a co wash but I didn't do that this time. After three days, I just had to wash; I usually would Co Wash a day after relaxer but this time, I wasn't up for that. I think familiarity breeds contempt Lol.
Anyway,  for those who requested that I share my relaxer process,  here's it.
I protected the previously relaxed hair with Sheabutter, I mean a ton of it to  prevent relaxer runoff.  She touched up only the new growth , neutralized and deep conditioned with ORS nourishing conditioner. Applied infusium 23? Leave in. That's just it.
I know I promised to show my results but honestly,  to get those few minutes in the morning is nearly impossible and evenings, I forget. I'll try and get a picture soon.
To wash(I was reluctant to do so), I Prepooed for about 3 hours with garlic onion infused oil. I used ors Aloe shampoo to clarify and Chelate, applied crazy sexy cool conditioner.

I squeezed the excess water out and covered with a scarf for the night.
Next morning,I applied African pride leave in and sealed with Jbco mix. The African pride doesn't leave the hair damp so I'll restock it. I like to use leave ins on non wash days too.
PS: I'm on the perfectil now so I'll give you an update. I massage the scalp with Jbco too :)


  1. I agree. Using leave-in on non-wash days helps to moisturize the hair too.

  2. I love good leave-ins too on any day. How are you finding the garlic infused oil? Any noticeable impact from using it?

  3. abena8:39 am

    The garlic oil has stopped shedding. My hair hasn't she doesn't in weeks.


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