Beginning No Comb Method

We are beginning  no Comb Method challenge from 1st February.


For length retention, one of the key things to do is to limit the use of combs, especially, for natural hair. There are techniques that can be used to get the hair stretched and styled without using a comb. One of them is using your fingers. From detangling to styling, some ladies have mastered the art of using only their fingers.


I've always been for using fingers more than a comb in detangling. You experience less breakage, less tangles, your fingers easily find knots and tangles and you are able to undo those knots easily with your fingers.

when you experience excessive breakage, you need to check your use of the small or wide tooth comb. Ladies with long hair have experienced those length because they've stayed away from combs for most part of their journey and hair routine. Their finger method has worked well for them so I believe we can also retain length by following these ladies and doing away with anything that will contribute to mechanical damage.



Here's the video with all the information you need.

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  1. I am definitely joining in on this challenge.

  2. abena1:09 pm


  3. Adiaha7:44 pm

    I'm doing this in march.


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