Finished Perfectil Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="209"]perfectil hair skin and nails vitamins perfectil hair skin and nails vitamins[/caption]

I've now finished the perfectil hair skin and nails vitamins and though I can't give an honest review  let me give you some few things about it.

First, I took it alongside Now Foods biotin so I can't say it was the sole reason for the growth  I saw. However,  before the biotin,  I took the perfectil alone and I think I'm going to  give it the credit for the increase in nail growth that I got.
It's pretty easy taking the pills, no nausea and no upset stomach. It doesn't smell too:)
On the whole, I had a good experience with the perfectil and won't mind taking it again if I can. I do have less expensive alternatives that you'll get to know of soon.


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