Nature's Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Gummies

It's awesome when you get your Christmas wished coming to pass in the new year too in the form of nature's bounty hair skin and nails gummies.

Courtesy of my sweet uncle,  I've got the gummies at last. Let's say I  have enough for at least 5 months!
I'll take the two as directed plus one now Foods vitamins daily.


My First Impressions
The vitamins are soft and feel gummy Lol. It's easy to chew, actually, too easy I wish it would stay a bit longer when I'm chewing it. It smells fruity too so if kids are allowed to take it, it would be very helpful.

The fruity strawberry taste lingers for a while in the mouth but that's no big deal. I want to finish the biotin  so I can't review the gummies yet. However, I might be able to do so with the second bottle.

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  1. Where am I purchase one here in Ghana ?

  2. abena8:50 am

    Check Mejs naturals on Facebook

  3. How do i get some? And at what price please? Can I get some as soon as possible? Let me know


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