Now Foods Biotin

I'm now on the Now Foods biotin alone as I'm done with perfectil. My other hair vitamin is in but I'll hold on to that till I have it in my hands.

To achieve the hair goals,  I'm focusing on the mini goals that will lead to the success I want.
Here's one of the first quarter goals.

I've been taking two a day which makes 10000mcg. Today is day 3 and it's supposed to be around 100 capsules or less remaining.


The vitamins are easy to swallow,  not so big and doesn't smell. With two a day,  I'll be done by February ending because I'm going to continue being consistent.




Here's how my edges also look like. My second goal is get this to be much pleasant to the eyes Lol. I'll give you an update on February 29, God willing.

Goal three is to use up the two oils; I'm almost done with the jbco mix so I'm moving on to another oil. The next oils are the grapeseed oils and hair growth oil mix which consists of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and we naturals growth stimulating oil. Yes,  I mixed these two super powers Lol.

Goal four is to use up the Sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo by the  end of this first quarter.  I don't want to keep old products around too much.

This is a sort of mini within mini but I want to be proactive in meeting my goals.
For this January, I'm emptying the jbco mix , garlic oil mix and the African Pride Leave in conditioner as indicated in my post a few days ago.
When I'm done with that,  I'll let you know.
Another challenge is to wash twice a week using a deep conditioner because my hair hasn't reached the moisturized state I want.

What are your first quarter goals?

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