Use Up Old Products


I haven't done the wash day experience hosted by Jen of and in a long time. This year though,  I'll be very serious about it and so I'm starting off with the Use up Old products challenge.

Since I'm rocking my own  hair,  I'll do this week's challenge which is use up old products. I have African Pride Leave in conditioner to use up. How long have I had it? Close to 3 years or? In addition, I'm targeting emptying the jbco mix I've had since time immemorial LOL. That's  the same oil I should have used it last month so I have another go at it.
Lastly,  the garlic onion mix which has gathered enough dust on my fridge but that will probably be a goal for the month since that stuff smells too awful for daily application. The best will is prepoo treatment with it.

I'll be doing a lot of scalp oiling and green  house effect this week for this reason.
What do you want to use up?


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