A Week Of TWA

It's been a week of TWA and I still could care less about my hair nor what  others think. In fact,  I wear my hair out to work and though I thought the kids will probably give their comments, it seems they aren't surprised at all. I guess my personality is more than I imagined.
This is by far,  the most interesting big chop I've ever done. I have absolutely no interest in this hair at all. It will grow whether I like it or not,  so why waste energy on it ?


I've been doing  the daily oiling Regimen with my oil mix and wetting  the hair twice a day.
I haven't still used any leave in conditioner nor do I have a problem with that.
Actually, it seems my mind knows that my hair will grow so it's tuned off completely.
I don't spend time looking  at the growth nor what's even going on with the hair.
For once,  all I want to do is finish off items on my to buy list which doesn't  have ANY hair product on it. Not that I don't have stuff on my wishlist ; I have a thousand and one but I don't think I care enoughh to get them. What's going on?

I know in a couple of weeks, I'll be back to braiding so I'm nurturing my edges a lot.

There's a program to attend and I might  wear a wig for the sake of not dealing with some interesting people. Lol.
My growth partners are also on track and I'll be sharing some wonderful progress with you.

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