Dos and Don'ts For Relaxed Hair In Ghana


There's a general post already about relaxed hair dos and Don'ts but it's been requested that  I do dos and don'ts of relaxed hair specific to Ghana, especially,  with the kinds of stylist we have.
1.  Take your own neutralizing shampoo, protein deep conditioner and leave in. If you have apple cider vinegar, add it as well as roux porosity control. Some stylists don't have anything.

  1. Keep an eye on the comb used to spread the relaxer. Some stylist will scratch your scalp with it.

  2. Be sure the stylist isn't too busy when applying relaxer ; she might leave it on for too long.

  3. Do base your scalp if possible before going to the salon. Also,  do your prepoo or hot oil treatment before going. You may be surprised to know that some stylist will dissuade you from doing these treatments.

  4. Guide the stylist to  deep condition your hair after the relaxer process.

  5. Develop a routine for your hair and don't be afraid to let the stylist follow the routine even at the salon.

  6. Don't relax your hair the same day after taking out braids our weaves. You will damage your scalp and hair.

  7. During  the harmattan, protect your hair but don't neglect it under weaves and braids.

  8. Trim your ends only if they look bad and not because the hair dresser says so. They can cut off all your hard work.

  9. Finally,  read hair blogs to discover other ways of maintaining relaxed hair.

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