Got Scab Hair?


What's scab Hair? It's believed that   the first few inches after the big chop have the tendency to exhibit dryness because the relaxers affect the immediate new growth.  What it means is that,  when you are a week post, the hair that has grown out has already been affected by the previous relaxer.

Some bloggers don't acknowledge this problem whilst others see it as a problem of dry hair and nothing more. Personally, I ascribe to both to  a certain degree.
My hair has been extremely dry and gets worse if it's combed.
Despite all the deep conditioning and water rinsing, the hair still stays dry.
Perhaps the previous relaxer residues have caused that dryness and added to that is the already dry nature of the hair worsened by the hot weather.
I'll continue deep conditioning daily but I want to get a steamer asap to provide heat.

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