Growing Long Hair ; Gone Till?

I know the old readers have seen how far my hair can grow but I'm so not happy that you don't see the length  for long so today I'm going to talk about my plans for growing long hair.
I'm glad I know how to give my hair and for the  sake of my readers,  I'm dedicating the next two years to my hair so if you don't see frequent updates,  pardon me.
I also want to get back to research and PhD in my field of study so I may take a break from wash days and rather talk about the usual day to day business of what's up with the hair.
All is because I'm doing only braiding for the hair.
Because of that I'd like to say more about the game plan.
I'll be using  box braids  to grow the hair alongside the hair vitamins. It's also going to be back to back braiding and cornrows with my own  hair sometimes to give my wig a wear time.
I won't wear my hair out for more than  3 days so scalp massages are going to be an extreme challenge. The least time to give your hair a break between braids is 2 Weeks or so thus I know I'm breaking  the rules but I'll be fine. My stylist isn't  the head killer braider so I'm good.
I'm so definitely going to be in the hair growth mood for the sake of my readers.


If anything at all, I'll see you when I get to Waist length in 2 years.

The last medicine for me is prayers. I believe in praying for my  hair so that's definitely top or the list. If you want to join in praying for your hair,  do it.

Lastly,  I happened to talk to the  vice president of the association professional cosmetology something something Lol. I'll see how I can get a one - no-one with him to share some hair tips and possibly answer some technical questions.
On the whole, I've enjoyed blogging and hope you've enjoyed reading.

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